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Poetry Is Passion
Remembering Dreams

..A slumber


Shallow livid plains, forgotten, void,
The restless earth still moving,
All those aeons, all those years,
Visible remains,

Unforgiving earth devours,
Every living thing to come,
Somehow even life seems strange,
Upon this azure globe,

Seas and oceans, rivers, land,
Stretching mountain ranges,
Silver streams in morning light,
Memories contain-

-Lingering reams of coded information,
Determining in part,
Some destiny clothed in dreams, it seems,
The hopes and thoughts of men.


She, with her loving eyes,
Remember'd me,
We shared a lifetime of feeling,
Concentrated into six stormy months,
She says she's been to Egypt,
But didn't have a good time,
I wonder how, and if, she has changed,
Wanted to see her, feel and kiss,
I think of those memories, lingering,
Some happy, some sad,
Knowing that I still want to be with her,
She works hard and needs to play,
Longs to see my country again,
I shall be here, no doubts or fear,
Waiting to meet her,

Women are superior; that's why men are superior.