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Poetry Is Passion

The poetry of Richard James van der Draaij

Already 35-years old, born in Sydney, Australia, I am a poet who has mostly been brought up in Holland. I have been writing poems since my adolescence. Trite, self-indulgent stuff at first, but I got better! Since the Spring of 1997 I have seen my work appear in poetry magazines, first in print and more recently on-line. I believe the poet should be able to somehow, and preferally beautifully, strike a chord in the reader, establish a link by which thoughts, images and feelings may be conveyed. Like music, poetry has a knack of being able to speak directly to the listener/reader. Good poetry is direct, moving at one or more levels and never cliche. It's a craft one must keep working at. I hope you'll enjoy my work. My motto : Poetry is Passsion!

Poetry book! 'Remembering Dreams', ISBN 1 898891 17 6, Send cheque/postal order for 4 pounds or 5 US dollars, p&p, and address details to:
R.J. van der Draaij, 54 Hawthorn Crescent, Yatton, North Somerset, BS49 4BF, United Kingdom. You won't regret it!

Poetry CDRom 'Lost and Found', ISBN 1 878431 34 X, one hundred fine poems, artwork and photographs, Order you copy at:

Other interests include: film, e.g. early Peter Weir, Robert Altman, Alan Parker, Nicholas Roeg, the late great Kubrick and more besides, history and mythology, Aleister Crowley, painting, e.g. Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, Vincent, Monty Python, Theresa Russell, Julie Christie, Zen, Egyptology, Australian aboriginal culture, the works of Graham Greene, the Swan of Avon, and last but not least Lord Byron of whom it was said that he was "mad, bad and dangerous to know".

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