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Poetry Is Passion
Into The Woods



Lunatic belonging,
Only to the nights,
The shadows and the darkness,
Troubled feverish souls,

The ways to inspire,
Solemly, serene,
Poets of all ages,
Praising, loving you,

A sort of temptation,
Hangs yellow high above,
The lonely lovelorn wolfman,
Looking up to cry,

Songs and myths and fables,
Concentrating on-
-The wicked and the gentle,
That single silent moon.


Words are stone, and here forever,
We were alone and we shall never,
Grow tired of our self-made world,
On oceans of pleasure,
We sail together,
And nights are never dark,
And no one stands alone,

In the streets outside our hearts,
Nothing moves or falls apart.

Demon Est Deus Inversus