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Poetry Is Passion
Enter The Fabled Succubus

..A spell cast


This night, for now, we need to hide,
We brush the bush's twigs aside,
And silently we creep,
Until we stop and fall asleep,
The wicked world cannot find us here,
In this two sleepers' den we disappear,
Will we dream tonight,
Of some sacred blissful light,
That may greet us when we awake?
Suddenly you startle, start to shake,
Afraid that they have found us,
The trees and shrubs around us,
Blot out the dark night still,
Our dreams, while waking, will fulfil,
That promise I made long ago.


I am the dust that covers the trees,
I am the words you hear in the breeze,
I am a monk, enclosed in his cell,
I am the wind and the water as well,
I am a hunter admiring his prey,
I am the words I don't even say,
I am a windmill revolving around,
I am the centre which never was found,
I am a shepard, asleep on a hill,
I am a dreamer with dreams to fulfil,
I am castle of giant black stones,
I am a human of blood, skin and bones,
I am the lake in which you wouldn't swim,
I am the mood when the twilight grows dim,
I am a bullet, shot out of a gun,
I am the moon and the stars and the sun.

I am a nightmare with cold drops of sweat,
I am the throne on which I never sat,
I am a sunset that never was seen,
I am a creature who always has been,
I am a raven with little dark eyes,
I am the evil and innocent lies,
I am the Summer when Summer has gone,
I am the moment before a new dawn,
I am a thought that is not said out loud,
I am a warrior, handsome and proud,
I am a forest, stretching too far,
I am a precious and meaningful star.

As Above, So Below